-"Stars shine even when surrounded by darkness."
-Eld Justaldle

This is the Wikia page for the fictional universe I made. It's one of the most important things in my life as it has gotten me through many tough situations and I have been working on it for many years. Maybe it will be a great source of entertainment for you as well.

I am open to any suggestions for my work. Only small ideas though. I want Golden Star Frontier to be mine.


Ever since the dawn of time, there have been two beings that have existed together in the universe The mortals and sekaigas (Seh-kai-gis). The sekaigas are beings that rely on their souls to exist. Because of their immortality and animalistic nature, they are far more advanced than mortals. Causing them to usually be separated. Allowing the sekaigas to focus less on the somewhat petty things that mortals focus on, and more on actually running the universe.

Two of the highest sekaigas in terms of power, Galavar and Yemiria have decided to create something known as the Golden Star Frontier. A massive hole in the north pole of the frontier energy that surrounds the universe. Allowing some of the dead mortals in Helevor to escape and live again. These people are known as the Helevorians. Since Helevor is a higher universe, the Helevorians are as powerful as SREs.

Ceroplax, the third sekaigas god of destruction, does not approve of this and believes that the Golden Star Frontier has completely broken the universe, and now he wants to destroy the universe with the help of his terrifying creation, the Zanadus. A series of sekaigas that possess infectious capabilities. But he can't do anything to Galavar and Yemiria directly because they have Tenebros by their side.

Beginner's Guide

This may be a good place to start if you've

just discovered Golden Star Frontier.

(There isn't very much information on it

right now, but I'll add more as time goes



The highlight of Golden Star Frontier. The

sekaigas are beings of terrifying power who

have shaped the universe. They aren't

just powerful strange looking creatures

they are higher, ethereal beings that

are apart of the inner workings within

the fabric of reality.


Human Characters

The most abundant mortal entity in

Golden Star Frontier. Through

immense work and effort they can

almost reach sekaigas level greatness by

going to Helevor and coming back

to life. But since that costs a lot it

very rarely happens.



Factions can range from just small teams

to massive armies like the GSF legion.



Places from the regions in Hugauss and

different realms can be located here.



The powers that have carved a path

for the characters of Golden Star Frontier

can be found in this category.


Recent Activity

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